Adding Value To Your Business

We ADValue through implementing effective agile project management & consulting

This is ADValue Project Management Consultancy

With over 20 years of extensive experience in the construction and project management industry, ADValue PMC uses forward-thinking approaches. Our expertise spans from acquisition and tender to execution and handover of diverse projects, both in The Netherlands and internationally. Collaboration and goal achievement are core values that define our approach. We pride ourselves on crafting tailored project management strategies for each engagement, understanding the intricate needs of both clients and contractors. This empowers us to foster effective communication and collaboration at all levels, consistently aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes in every project we undertake.

How we add value in every layer of organisations

With a range of different approaches, we always find a fit for the needs of your organisation.

1. Project & Construction Management

Harvesting value from each and every step of the project life cycle.

2. PMO & VMO & Agile

Combining the best of two worlds of Project & Value Management combined with Agile Management.

3. Project Planning & Control

Planning and controlling complex projects.

4. Agile & Value Management

Improving reaction and response time, Empowering the team and measuring the progress while adding value.

5. Technical and strategic evaluation

Scrutinize and imply optimizations through finding the right strategy for the Situation.